Lisa Hofmaninger - Saxophone :: Bass Clarinet



EP - Klangzeug Orchester

EP "S T U F F" 2018 – Klangzeug Orchester
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CD - First Gig Never Happened

CD "Mingus without Bass, Monk without Hat" 2018 – First Gig Never Happened
//Alessa Records//

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CD - Little Rosies Kindergarten

CD "Little Rosies Kindergarten" 2018 – Little Rosies' Kindergarten
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CD - Fraufeld Vol.1

CD "Fraufeld Vol.1" 2017 – DUO hofmaninger–schwarz
FRAUFELD is a project that includes the development of an album series, presenting the music of women who deal with contemporary forms of composition and improvisation.
//Freifeld Tontraeger//

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CD - chuffDRONE

CD "chuffDRONE" 2015 – chuffDRONE
//Jazzwerkstatt Records//

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Lisa Hofmaninger Moers 2019_Frank Schindelbeck Lisa Hofmaninger Moers 2019_Frank Schindelbeck chuffDRONE Moers 2019_Frank Schindelbeck Little Rosies Kindergarten Saalfelden 2018_Michael Geißler DUO hofmaninger-schwarz Ljubljana Jazzfestival First Gig Never Happened Porgy & Bess_Eckhart Derschmidt Lisa Hofmaninger Porgy & Bess_Eckhart Derschmidt chuffDRONE-12points chuffDRONE-Jazzfestival Buenos Aires chuffDRONE-Jazz in the ruins DUO hofmaninger-schwarz_Hans Klestorfer FGNH Jazzit_Markus Lackinger Lisa Hofmaninger Montforster Zwischentöne 1 Lisa Hofmaninger Montforster Zwischentöne 2 VIO Moozak Festival